In December 2014, I co-curated the fifth edition of a three day multidisciplinary festival Winters Binnen (Wintery Inside) in the North of Amsterdam with creative producer Sabine Pater. The festival took place December 13, 14 and 15 2014, and my fundraising and programming responsibilities started a year before.

The North of Amsterdam is historically an underdeveloped part of the city where in recent years a lot of cultural institutions have emerged, among which the Tolhuistuin. Their joint mission is to also collaborate with local shops and businesses and to reach out to local audiences. Winters Binnen is the annual event for which major cultural institutions in the area, local community organizations, and artists work together. 

The edition that I curated specified the narrative of the festival compared to previous editions and focused on the question of what community means in 2015 - taking the diverse population of the area as an inspiration. 

The festival featured over 50 performances and concerts over the course of three days, including a show in a Polish supermarket, a performance with dogs and dog owners from the neighborhood, and concerts in people’s living rooms. In addition, the festival had four festival hearts on different squares with christmas markets and outdoor performances. The festival opened and closed with a parade of light puppets through the streets of Amsterdam North.

Photos: Saris & den Engelsman